Step 3: Share

Step 3 - Share Your Story
Share your story with other students and teachers around Manitoba and the world by submitting it to us. We will post it in the Gallery on the Digital We blog. And you will be entered into the random draw!

Please note: The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2012 at 4:00 pm and the draw will be held on May 14, 2012.
How to Share Your Story
  • Before submitting please be review the Submission Guidelines listed below to confirm that your work meets the submission criteria so that it can be posted in the online Gallery as soon as possible.
  • Fill out the submission form provided below.
  • Your submission will be reviewed before it is posted into the Gallery. If your submission meets the submission criteria then it will be posted immediately after review. Otherwise, we will contact you to see how we can work together to get your submission ready for posting.

Submission Guidelines
The guidelines below list the criteria for entry of your story to the Digital We community. Please follow the guidelines below to make sure your submission will meet the criteria. If you have missed some of the criteria, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to change your work so it does meet the guidelines.
  1. Use first names only, when:
    • you list the names of students who created the work
    • you create a video and have other students "acting" in your video
  2. If submitting a video, it should be no longer than 3 minutes
  3. Credit your Sources
    • Make sure that you credit any source of information or data that you have used to create your presentation or video.
  4. Is your work free of copyright violations?
    • Where did you get the images/music for your work?
    • If you used someone else's work did you seek their permission and have that permission in writing?
    • The best way to avoid copyright issues is to create your own images/music or use Creative Commons ( to find images/video and sites like Jamendo ( to find Creative Commons licensed music.
    • If you do use Creative Commons, please make sure you follow the conditions that are attached to the image or music.
  5. All submissions must be represented by a teacher to the Digital We community.
  6. Only Manitoba teachers and their students are eligible to be entered into the random draw.

Submission Form

The submission form for Digital We is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their story!

The random draw, for 1 of 6 iPod Touches with an iTunes gift card, was held on May 14th, 2012. The draw winners are posted below:

  1. Macneill School, Dauphin, Manitoba - Grade 2/3 class, Ms. Lebrun
  2. Golden Gate Middle School, Winnipeg, MB - Grade 7 class, Ms. Bees
  3. Linden Meadows School, Winnipeg, MB - Grade 5 class, Mr. Alcock
  4. East Selkirk Middle School, Selkirk, MB - The Humanitarian Club, Ms. Drzystek
  5. École Christine-Lespérance, Winnipeg, MB - Grade 5 class, M. Bazin
  6. École New Era School, Brandon, MB - Grade 1/2 class, Mesdames Dinsdale and Copeland