Step 2: Do Something

Step 2 - Tell Us Your Story

Tell us your story of how you are taking action to make a difference in your classroom, school, community or world. Create a video, a dance, a song, a presentation, or any other digital form to tell your story. Be as creative as you want!

What might your submission look like?
If you are just thinking about taking social action and are in the beginning stages, tell us what you are learning and what you are hoping to do! If you are already taking social action, tell us what you are doing!  

Please keep the following ideas in mind as you tell your story:
- Why? What is/was your goal/intent of you action(s)?
- What? What action(s) will/did you take?
- When? When will/did you take action?
- Who? Who is/was involved?

To share is to inspire others so please take this opportunity to let others know what you are planning and/or doing. You may create your story in any digital form and be as creative as you like.

Next Step: proceed to Share and submit your story to share with other students and teachers across Manitoba and the world. We will post it in the Gallery on the Digital We blog. And your class will be entered in to the random draw to win 1 of 6 iPod Touchs with a $25.00 gift card for you class.