Digital We Invitation

Digital We, It Starts with Me!

In celebration of Media Literacy Week 2011, Manitoba Education, Manitoba Association of Computing Educators (ManACE), and Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) are inviting Manitoba teachers and students to:

  • Think About Digital Citizenship and Social Justice!
    This year’s Media Literacy Week theme is Digital Citizenship. In Manitoba we are focusing on social justice and the use of digital media to support action. We call this Digital We!
  • Share Your Story!
    Get involved in the Digital We Community by sharing your story of how your class/group is making a difference in your school, community or world and how you use digital media to support your actions! Create a video, a podcast, a photo essay or any other media project to show how you are starting to “change the world” through digital collaboration.

  • Win Prizes!
    Each submission into the Digital We Community will be entered into a random draw to win 1 of 6 iPod Touches plus a $25.00 iTunes gift card for your class! Deadline for submissions is April 30, 2012.

Visit Digital We at for more information about how to get involved and to:

  • Listen to the Digital We theme song, “It Starts with Me” - created and recorded by grade 4 and 5 students and their vice-principal, Ryan Miller, from Stevenson-Britannia School.
  • Share your digital citizenship story and inspire others to take action!
  • Find resources, including information about grants for social justice projects, and other links.

The Digital We Community is about thinking critically, creatively and responsibly about how you use digital media to make a positive difference in your world. It is about learning what others are doing and sharing what you are doing to inspire others!